Introducing Goverlan, the most flexible remote administration product on the market. First released in 1998, it has since become the primary and most preferred remote administration solution for many businesses around the world. Chosen for its cost effectiveness, ease of use and unsurpassed flexibility, Goverlan is a favorite amongst user support teams, system administrators and enterprise administrators alike.

Goverlan Remote Administration Suite is licensed on a per console basis with no additional per-node fee, it is amongst the most cost-effective solutions you can find on the market.

Goverlan Suite – the break down

The Goverlan suite is comprised of five main products designed to fulfill all enterprise administration needs.

Goverlan Management Console
Provides domain account administration and real-time support, diagnostics and management of users and machines. screenshot
Goverlan Scope Actions
Provides enterprise level user and desktop management features.
Goverlan Remote Control
A fast, secure and easy to implement remote control solution for the enterprise.
Goverlan Command Line
Utility which provides every feature offered by Goverlan via the command line. Designed for scripters.
WMIX – WMI Explorer
Allows for remote administration using WMI technology, without the need to script.

Goverlan Feature Offerings

Domain Administration
Goverlan supports domain administration on both Windows NT domains and Active Directory forests simultaneously. The extensive list of domain administration tasks includes:

Object and Active Directory hierarchy management

Domain policy management

Account settings and password management

Real-time Support, Diagnostics and Administration of users and machines
Easily support your users and machines by using Goverlan’s Real-Time Administration and Diagnostic feature. This feature provides a unique and powerful set of system administration tools which allow you to trouble shoot and configure clients without remote controlling them, thereby allowing users to continue their work uninterrupted.

The Real-time Administration & Diagnostic feature has an extensive set of features which covers most of your needs. However, for those times when a very specific task must be performed, use Goverlan to configure a Custom Action and make it part of the set of available features. Goverlan’s existing set of features is highly customizable and extendable. Once you try Goverlan, you will never need or want another tool.

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Remote Control
The Remote Control feature allows you to view a remote machine’s screen and control its mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting in front of it. Goverlan Remote Control is fast, secure and very easy to use. In addition, it doesn’t require the pre-installation of software agents on the remote machine to function.

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Enterprise User and Desktop Management
Use Goverlan’s Scope Actions for all your enterprise and desktop management needs. Scope Actions do more than just generate asset management and inventory reports. It also allows you to modify user or machine settings globally using a push technology. This means that you can manage your user and desktop environment in real time!

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Remote Administration using WMI
WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is a very powerful remote administration technology implemented in all Microsoft® operating systems. It is a critical asset for all system and enterprise administrators. However, WMI can only be used through scripting or programming and requires knowledge of its extensive hierarchy of objects.

Goverlan exposes the power of WMI technology through its user interface so that you can execute any WMI task without any scripting or intrinsic knowledge of the technology.

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