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IT Security Exchange Board Offers Refuge for pcAnywhere Users
February 27, 2012
IT Administrators in search of a Remote Administration Solution are invited to ask questions in order to assess different product offerings.

PJ Technologies' Goverlan v7 Provides Remote Management of Virtual Desktops
June 14, 2010
New offering supports Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services thin clients.

Keeping a Watchful Eye on your Windows Servers
February 03, 2010
A comprehensive solution to Server Management

PJ Technologies reveals its new website.
July 27th, 2009

GoverLAN Remote Control & Administration Suite v7 is released.
July 27th, 2009
PJ Technologies unveils Goverlan 7, the next generation of its remote administration suite for Windows®.

GoverLAN Central Server v1 is released.
April 17th, 2008
Goverlan Central Server is a utility server free of charge to Goverlan customers. It is used to centrally control and audit Goverlan based applications globally and automatically (Goverlan, Goverlan Remote Control, WMIX, and the Goverlan Client Agents).

Goverlan Remote Control & Administration Suite for Microsoft Vista Is Released
February 6, 2007
PJ Technologies, Inc. releases Goverlan Remote Administration Suite v6.75 and Goverlan Remote Control v6.75 which are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista.

Goverlan Remote Control Selected as a 2006 Product of the Year by
January 16, 2007
Goverlan Remote Control v6.5 Takes Bronze Award in the Remote Control Software Category.

PJ Technologies Releases Goverlan Remote Control v6.75 Beta for Microsoft Vista
September 22, 2006
 Version 6.75 Beta 1 fully supports Vista Clients. This version will be provided free of charge to our existing customers.

The Next Generation of Goverlan v6 Unveiled
November 8, 2005
PJ Technologies unveils Goverlan 6, the next generation of its remote administration suite for Windows®

PJ Technologies Unveils WMIX Remote Administration Product
April 6, 2005
WMIX is the first GUI-based implementation of WMI technology that provides flexibility with no scripting or programming necessary.

GoverLAN v5.5 is released.
December 15, 2003
PJ Technologies releases GoverLAN version 5.5. GoverLAN 5.5 has new and powerful administration, scope action and remote control features. GoverLAN now brings powerful administration, diagnostic and enterprise level management features to your desktop.

GoverLAN v5 is released.
January 22, 2003
PJ Technologies releases GoverLAN version 5. GoverLAN v5 represents a major improvement over its previous version GoverLAN 2001. New features are introduced for real time remote administration. The remote control feature has been enhanced to allow for better security and there is a significant improvement in performance. A new concept is introduced into the GoverLAN suite called Scope Actions for enterprise level desktop / user management.

PJ Technologies opens the GoverLAN v5 BETA PROGRAM.
November 25, 2002
PJ Technologies introduces GoverLAN v5. Nearly nine months of research and development has been spent on this new release and a lot of new features have been added, nearly doubling the number features available in GoverLAN v4.

PJ Technologies Exhibits at FOSE 2002 in Washington D.C.
March 19~21st, 2002
The Federal Office Systems Exposition (FOSE) is the most comprehensive technology event serving the government market. FOSE provides the solutions facing the most challenging Government IT issues through cutting-edge technology demos, education, and keynote addresses.

FOSE 2002 was a very successful event for PJ Technologies. We demonstrated GoverLAN and described its advantages over our competition to a large number of attendees. The feedback and interest shown in GoverLAN was even greater than expected. GoverLAN was perceived as one of the most cost effective remote administration solution for the enterprise.

PJ Technologies implements a new web site.
December 1st, 2001
We have recreated our web site to improve customer services and support. Our new site features a fully searchable Knowledge Base Article database, FAQs and Resources as well as new support options. A new InstallNow feature is implement for GoverLAN. The InstallNow give you the option to directory install GoverLAN on your machine straight from out web site.

GoverLAN 2001 AD for Windows NT & Active Directory is released.
December 1st, 2001
GoverLAN 2001 v4.00 is released to the market. GoverLAN 2001 features full support for Windows NT & Active Directory simultaneously.

GoverLAN 2001 Beta Program is launched.
November 2, 2001
We have created an entire web site dedicated to the GoverLAN 2001 Beta Program. The web site provides all necessary resources our our Beta Tester including evaluation copies of GoverLAN, as well as technical documentation and feedback forms.

GoverLAN 2000  is released.
Aug. 15th, 2000
GoverLAN 2000 introduces additional support for Machine Administration and Group Management. It also include a state of the art remote control program as well as reporting capabilities making GoverLAN the leading technology for diagnosing, managing and administering remote clients.

GoverLAN 99 is introduced to the market.
March 10th, 1999
GoverLAN is introduced to the market in March 1999.  This is the first version of GoverLAN and only supported User Administration and Support. However, within 6 months, an extensive list of clients world wide are using it as their primary means of supporting and administering their Windows® NT users.

PJ Technologies is created
June. 20th, 1998
PJ Technologies, Inc was created in June 1998 using private funds. 'PJ' Stands for Pascal and Judy, the 2 co-founders of the Company. PJ Technologies specializes in Windows NT®/AD system management software for the enterprise.